Recruitment Process

ISP_Pictures_013.jpgThe Recruitment Process is an ongoing, statewide process. The Illinois State Police coordinator travels to college career conferences to discuss employment opportunities as a State Trooper and provide detailed information about the Recruitment Process and subsequent Selection Process. Any person interested in becoming a State Trooper may apply by clicking here and completing an online application.

Once the online application process is successfully completed and an applicant is deemed acceptable,  applicants will be given instructions, through self identified email, to schedule the Recruitment Exam.  The Recruitment Exam will be offered at a local community college. Applicants will be given a window of time to complete the Recruitment Exam. The Recruitment Exam is MANDATORY and consists of the following:   

  • Recruitment Exam:  One exam that consists of two portions.  The first portion assesses ethic and moral character, work attitudes, and overall employment suitability. The second portion accesses both  cognitive (i.e., problem solving) component and an attitude/personality.

For those who have received a letter from the Merit Board stating that their application has been deemed acceptable and have received a letter inviting them to take the Recruitment Test, an optional study guide is available for purchase at the link below.  This study guide is not required to participate in the Recruitment Test.

Applicants who successfully pass the Recruitment Exam will be placed in an eligibility pool where they remain until a cadet class is scheduled and the Selection Process is initiated, or their eligibility expires, whichever comes first. A candidate's eligibility period is good for at least one year from the date of their Recruitment Test, but could be extended for a longer period. The time-frame of the eligibly pool will be determined by State budget issues and needs of the Illinois State Police.