Press Release



Andrew T. Berlin




Emily E. Fox

Executive Director


Illinois State Police

Merit Board



Springfield, Illinois (October 1, 2021) -- Effective October 1, 2021, Emily E. Fox will serve as the Acting Executive Director following the departure of Executive Director Jack Garcia.

The Merit Board Members are excited with this announcement and the “firsts” associated with it.  In the history of the Illinois State Police Merit Board (ISPMB), outgoing Director Garcia was the first Latino appointed as Executive Director and he served with distinction. Ms. Fox is now the first female to serve as Executive Director.  By choosing diversity in leadership, the Merit Board strives for diversity in both ideas and abilities to truly represent the entire State of Illinois.

Ms. Fox is an eight-year veteran of the ISPMB and has demonstrated her leadership and professionalism while managing the statutory programs under the Board’s responsibilities.  Her experience, skills, and innovative traits will be invaluable to the Board and our citizens in her new role.  Ms. Fox holds a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Illinois and serves as a volunteer for the Illinois State Police Memorial Park. The Merit Board and staff are confident the Board’s mission to remove political influence and provide a fair and equitable merit process for the selection of State Trooper candidates will continue under Ms. Fox’s leadership.  Ms. Fox is also responsible for ensuring the integrity of the Illinois State Police through its promotional and disciplinary process.

Mr. Garcia was recently appointed as the Director of Public Safety for the City of Burbank, Illinois.  Mr. Garcia brought a wealth of leadership, experience, guidance, and perspective to the ISPMB during his tenure.  The Merit Board and staff will miss working shoulder to shoulder with one of the greatest leaders our law enforcement community has ever seen.



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